GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Many people lined up along East First Street on Sunday, giving their all while running in memory of someone who gave his all.

Capt. Chris Cash made the ultimate sacrifice on June 24, 2004, while serving in Iraq. Dawn Cash-Salau, who was married to Chris Cash, said running was a big part of who Chris was. Runners took part in the 18th annual Reindeer Dash for Cash to run in his honor and help raise money for a good cause.

“Oh, he loved running. As a child, he ran. He actually even qualified for the Junior Olympics. So he was a big runner,” said Cash-Salau.

“He would take his soldiers out for runs and they would share stories of how they would think they would be done, and they would run back toward the barracks and then he would keep on going out for another five-mile loop. So running was a big part of him.”

One of the participants running for Captain Cash was Landen Williams, who came in first during the four-miler.

“After two and a half miles those get a little rough. But you know, I just stay with pace. I was right on pace. I had a goal in mind for sub 22 and I hit the goal, so I never gave up,” said Williams.

The money raised from sponsors and race entries goes towards the Captain Cash Memorial Foundation, awarding college scholarships in his memory.

“It is a mix of emotion. One we’re all honoring and remembering Chris. I see so many people year after year. And it really is a big family reunion to me. And it’s I just love it,” said Cash-Salau.

Salau said she just wants to thank all the runners, sponsors and community for coming out year after year always making the continuation of Chris’ legacy special.