GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The East Carolina University campus was buzzing Wednesday with students and parents busy moving in and gearing up for the fall semester.

“I’m ready, I guess, restart a little bit, meet new people, new experiences,” said Carson Lewis, an incoming freshman from Wake Forest.

There was a lot of stuff going on as the school welcomed back its students and the incoming freshmen. Wednesday was both exciting and bittersweet for those students and their parents.

Lewis was one of many students moving into a dorm room for the first time. Moving in also comes with safety concerns that parents, ECU faculty and staff and students are thinking about.

Safety was one of the main concerns the university was stressing. Parents were feeling the same as they prepared to leave their children. ECU Police officials said they have been working all summer to put extra safety precautions into place and train officers for the upcoming school year.

“So that there’s a threatening situation, they’ll have the tools that they need,” ECU Police Captain Chris Sutton said about the reason for his team’s preparations. “And there will be no delay in our response.

“As far as our students, our faculty and our staff, we have training that is offered through our community affairs division, we actually have some of that training going on now for staff members on the health sciences campus is called Run, hide fight.”

Sutton said with new students coming onto the campus, it’s important to make sure they know about the resources and tools available before the school year begins. He said with many students living on their own for the first time comes great responsibility in having to make good choices and good judgments.

“Our RAD program, which is our Rape Aggression Defense, that we offer … we also have an app, the live safe app, they can download from their Apple phone or from their Android phones,” Sutton said. “It’s a service that the university pays for them. It’s free of charge.”

Anyone can click here if they want more information about campus safety.

Sutton encourages everyone to be patient with traffic as safety is a priority there as well during the move-in week. He suggested avoiding Greenville Boulevard, 10th Street and Charles Boulevard as much as possible until Friday, when traffic is expected to return to normal.

When it comes to student health on campus, it’s always a concern, too. That concern was heightened during the coronavirus pandemic and continues with the concerns over monkeypox.

“Isolation from monkeypox is over a very long period of time, it could be four to six weeks,” said Lanika Wright, associate vice chancellor of Health and Well Being and executive director of Student Health at ECU. So we do encourage anyone if they are diagnosed with monkeypox to go home.

“So if a student were to test positive for monkeypox, we would work with our local health department, also encourage that student to work with their families about what their plan is.”

Wright also added they are encouraging people to wear a mask if they are not able to socially distance. They also encouraged students to have the COVID-19 and monkeypox vaccinations.