GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Veteran police officer Ted Sauls Jr., was officially sworn in Friday morning as the next Greenville Police Department chief.

A ceremony for the 25-year veteran was held at the police station. Sauls takes over for Mark Holtzman, who left the position on July 29 and was named in August unanimously by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain as the next Chief Executive Officer. He took that role on Oct. 1.

Before taking the position, Sauls served as the deputy chief of police for nine years. He served as interim police chief until he was sworn in on Friday.

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Sauls was surrounded by his family, friends and fellow officers along with Greenville officials. He took the oath to continue to serve his community and the police department.

Sauls said he was honored to receive the position and hopes to continue to strengthen ties with the people of Greenville.

“I will always have an open door, for every man or woman in this community who needs it and that I hope to build relationships and capital … beyond what we already have … because what we have is great, but I want it to grow even more,” Saul said.

Sauls is a native of Greene County and a graduate of East Carolina University, as well as the FBI National Academy. His training includes instruction in behavioral science, forensics, understanding terrorism mindsets, leadership development, communication and health and fitness. As a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Sauls is among an elite group of less than one percent of the country’s law enforcement officers.

“Oh, I’m delighted,” said City Manager ann Wall, who appointed Sauls. “This is a very important move for our city manager … the appointment of a chief of police, and I am so content, and so happy to be able to put Chief Sauls in this position, and I am excited about the future of the Greenville Police Department.”

Sauls has worked his way through GPD, starting as a rookie. He said he isn’t planning on going anywhere because Greenville is his home.

“My goal was not only to be the chief here in the city of Greenville but also to retire with the city of Greenville,” Sauls said. “And oftentimes, once you start down the road of department head, it may require that you move physically, and this is home, so I had no desire to move.

“As I’m getting closer to the end of my career, I hope that I can maintain this position … pleasing to the community and people I am responsible to.”