GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Transportation Security Administration Officials announced the completion of the installation of a new screening process at Pitt-Greenville Airport.

A computed tomography X-ray scanner in the security checkpoint is complete. The installation began last week and was ready for the weekend’s flights.

The new CT scanners will be used to screen travelers’ carry-on luggage in the security checkpoints. CT units apply a sophisticated algorithm as they generate a 3-D image of the contents of the carry-on bag. A TSA officer can manipulate the 3-D X-ray image on-screen to allow for a better view of the bag’s contents, ultimately reducing the number of bag checks that are required.

When a carry-on bag is screened through a CT scanner, travelers can leave everything in their carry-on bag, including electronics larger than a cell phone and food.  The opening to the X-ray tunnel on a CT unit is slightly smaller than on a traditional X-ray unit so TSA advises travelers not to force larger items into the tunnel, but to ask a TSA officer for assistance. Another feature of the CT scanner system is every carry-on item must be placed in a bin for screening.

“Use of CT technology at our security checkpoints is a win-win for TSA and passengers,” said Jennifer Gordon, TSA Federal Security director for PGV. “We get increased detection capability which leads to fewer bag checks, and passengers get to leave their electronics and 3-1-1 liquids in their bags which speeds up the process.”