GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Antique motorcycles do more than just collect dust in the garage.

An annual cross-country trip dubbed the “Motorcycle Cannonball” made a stop in Greenville Friday. The ride for these ancient iron stallions is considered the most difficult antique endurance run in the world for a few reasons, such as the 3,400-mile distance and the fact that all participating motorcycles were manufactured in 1933 or earlier.

This year over 80 riders saddled up their iron stallions Thursday at Virginia Beach and will continue the battle of skill, grit and luck for 16 days until they reach Oceanside, Calif.

The cross-country journey started in 2010 with only 45 riders with the objective to let these old bikes spend their lives as they were intended: on the road. Friday, the cannonballers from around the world call the journey life-changing.

“So far, it’s just got to be today, you know we had to get through a lot to get our bike over here, Airfare, getting to the start line was a big deal but we had a lot of stuff to deal with. Today was the first day where we could just sort of let it rip and enjoy the bike so just enjoying the ride, you know, and starting to see America, that’s the best thing so far but we’re just looking forward to doing the best we can and just getting all the way across,” said Andrew Babister, a cannonball rider.

The community of riders is set to depart Greenville on Saturday at 8 a.m. as they set their sights on the Pacific Coast.