GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Many communities across the eastern part of North Carolina are used to localized flooding. 

In Greenville, many businesses along Cotanche Street know the impact of high water, but a major project completed last year is keeping them dry.

The Town Creek Culvert project was completed in November. This is the second big rainfall event we’ve seen since then. It took $33 million and years to complete, but businesses are saying it’s worth it.

In the past, the city had issues with too much water causing damage in Uptown. The old drainage system was aging and wasn’t big enough to handle heavy rain anymore. Now, the new infrastructure is helping to move water through the area. 9OYS spoke with one business manager who is happy with the project’s success. 

“Ever since the Town Creek Culvert project has been completed, we’ve had zero flooding, even with all of the rain,” said Savannah Gronowski, a manager at University Book Exchange. “It’s pretty more relaxed.

“I don’t have to double-check at the end of the day to put some clothes up, change some things on the floor and clear out my window, so I’m pretty good on my displays and stuff like that.”

Even though Uptown business owners are sighing a breath of relief, the Tar River is still predicted to rise over the next few days. Officials say it’s always important to remember to turn around, don’t drown if you approach standing water and find a detour. 

Randy Gentry, Pitt County’s director of Emergency Services said there will be a lot of water but they don’t anticipate any new areas being flooded. If you live somewhere that it typically floods, be cautious and have a plan.