GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — AMEXCAN is holding a community service event in Greenville to provide resources for underserved minorities.

Holy Hill Church offered its space for this event, which focuses on health. People’s blood pressures were checked and flu and COVID-19 shots were given on Tuesday.

Organizers said this event was to make resources available for anyone who needs it, especially the Belvoir community.

“Belvoir is more so the minority community, which is Latinos and other cultures as well. So these types of events are very important because these types of documentations that they need, they always have to travel an hour and a half or two hours,” said Bianca Perez, the Community Outreach coordinator.

The event will continue through the rest of the week and is located on Porter Road in Greenville. Other days will focus on things like education, legal assistance and employment.