GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Community advocates gathered in Greenville today for national “Wear Orange” weekend.

     It’s a gun-violence awareness initiative to stop gun-violence in our country.

     “Moms Demand Action” hosted their first “Wear Orange” event at Pitt Street Brewing Company – a total of 450 “Wear Orange” events were held across the nation today.

     Local organizers say it is way to honor the lives of those who have been affected by gun violence.

“Moms Demand Action supports the second amendment,” said Claire Kempner, Greenville group leader for “Moms Demand Action”. “We are not anti-gun. We are anti-gun violence. 96 people in this country dying every day is 96 too many.”

     Orange was the color decided on because it stands out and demands attention.

     If you want to get involved in this effort, text ‘JOIN’ or ‘ORANGE’ to phone number 64433.