Gun violence prevention group ‘Moms Demand Action’ holds kickoff meeting in Greenville


Moms Demand Action is a nationwide organization aimed at preventing gun violence. 

It has 4.5 million members, gaining half a million since the Parkland shooting alone. 

One of its newest chapters is in the East. 

Dozens of people filled Pitt Street Brewery in Greenville Sunday for the kickoff meeting. 

“I think that it is increasing the problem with mass shootings and school shootings in general.,” Elizabeth Ivey Wilson said. 

Wilson is a teacher and mother of an eight-month-old boy.

“That is why I am here, to make school safer for my son,” Wilson said. 

She, and mother-of-two Jessica Morgan, have always been concerned with rising gun violence. 

However, they said the Parkland shooting in Florida was the last staw.

“Just dropping your kids off in general after hearing the news of a bunch of little kids being shot to death is a big deal, and I think that is the most moving thing for me personally,” Wilson said. 

“I went from the mentality of just being upset, just being sad, to how can I do something,” Morgan said. 

As new members, they are encouraged to teach people how to securely lock up their guns, educate the community on gun violence, and vote people out of office who do not support gun safety laws. 

State chapter leader Jessica Hulick said they started the group here due to a high demand following Parkland. 

“With more local groups, we just get our word out more, we get more people to respond in counties where their legislators may not be supporting gun-sense legislation,” Hulick said. “We want them to talk to the elected officials in their districts. We want them to talk to their police departments and friends and family and gun owners.”

The mothers said they hope getting involved will create a brighter future for their children. 

“Currently we have had a ton of school shootings,” Morgan said. “I hope that number goes down and they can learn about it from a historical perspective rather than a still crisis, present problem.”

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