‘Have a little bit more patience:’ Consumers reflect on worker shortages statewide


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Worker shortages are continuing to affect restaurants and businesses across the nation, especially here in Eastern North Carolina.

The worker shortage is still a problem as some businesses can’t seat everyone coming through their doors due to a lack of help. Customers are also sharing their opinion about the long wait times, shortened hours and their response might surprise you.

“Basically, everyone has to step up, everyone has to do more roles,” said Patrick O’Bryan, Manager of Cafe Duo located in Greenville. “Everybody in the industry is doing the best they can, and I know it’s a hard thing for people to hear. Please bear with us but that really is the best we can do.”

He says, worker shortages are an issue, but so is the ability to get what they need right now.

“Not only that but it’s the supply chain, the supply chain is hurting so there are certain things you can’t get, so if somebody has a dish they love you might not be able to do it because you can’t get the product that you need,” said O’Bryan.

He says he had to turn people away due to the shortages in both employees and supply. A hard decision that many businesses are being faced with today.

“You have some people who understand it, but you have some people who will tell you things like, ‘well that’s what you told us two months ago, and now we are not coming back.’ Unfortunately, you just say well I’m sorry about that and I hope we can see you again,” said O’Bryan.

But what do customers think about it all? You’d think there would be many who would show frustration and anger. Many are trying to show more compassion, some saying that we are all in this together.

“I really felt sorry for them to be honest with you,” said David Hodges, a customer out of Kinston, N.C.

David Hodges shared more about a recent experience he had. Saying he went to get a pizza from his local Dominos. When he pulled up, people were waiting, lines were long and workers were noticeably stressed.

“You could tell they were really stressed trying to keep up with everything,” said Hodges.

He posted his experience online and to his surprise, most agreed with keeping that sense of compassion.

“I think it won’t hurt to wait a few minutes, have a little bit more patience,” said Hodges.

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