GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Carnie Hedgepeth’s health insurance company has approved his transfer to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, his family announced Tuesday.

Hedgepeth, Beaufort County’s emergency services director and a local pastor, has been recovering from serious injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident in June. His family reported Saturday that their medical insurance had denied Hedgepeth a transfer to the Shepherd Center, a renowned rehabilitation hospital. The family said at that time they’d appeal the decision, and their efforts seem to have paid off.

“He is scheduled for a medical transport flight from Greenville (Wednesday) morning and is expected to arrive at the Shepherd Center around 1 p.m.,” the Hedgepeth family said in an update posted to social media Tuesday. “Thank you all for your continued prayerful support, and a very special thanks to everyone that played a role in bringing this issue to a resolve.”

Hedgepeth has been in a largely comatose, nonverbal state throughout his recovery process, but he’s showing some signs of improvement.

“Carnie remains nonverbal and is keeping his eyes open for long periods of time now,” the update continues. “He is actively moving his head, eyes, right arm and right leg. He also continues to move his lips and mouth as if he were trying to speak. However, medical staff is still concerned about a lack of movement and decrease in circulation in his left arm and leg. Please continue to pray for an improvement in this symptom.”

Anyone can leave messages of encouragement for Hedgepeth in the Facebook group “Carnie’s Community.”