GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The weekend has brought a mixed bag of news for Carnie Hedgepeth, the Beaufort County Emergency Services director.

Doctors watching Byrd closely after surgery

Hedgepeth was involved in a serious motorcycle crash back in June. After spending weeks in the hospital, his insurance granted him the chance to get rehab at a facility in Atlanta, where he has been for the past couple of weeks. He even celebrated his birthday there and began talking earlier this week.

(Melody Mitchell Hedgepeth photo)

Beaufort County Emergency Services posted an update from Hedgepeth’s wife, Melody, on Saturday. She said Carnie continues to show progress by speaking more, going through therapy and eating solid foods for the first time since his crash.

“Carnie continues to talk and is becoming more clear with his enunciation of words. He has progressed to receiving 3 hours of therapy each day. He also enjoyed a serving of peaches yesterday, which was the first time he has ate solid foods since the accident.”

Melody also said medical staff are noticing some issues with Carnie’s left arm and leg as therapists work to improve the circulation, mobility and strength.

Melody also said Carnie is expected to undergo surgery on Tuesday to address issues cosmetically with his left eye. The orbital bones which were damaged in the crash are not setting correctly.

“We do have a few specific prayer requests. First, medical staff continues to address a noticeable deficit of mobility and strength in Carnie’s left arm and leg. He is just now able to squeeze objects using his left hand, and therapist are using a range of techniques, to include electrotherapy to simulate more response. Please join us in praying for Carnie to continue to have improvement in circulation, mobility and strength in his left arm and leg.

“Secondly, Carnie will undergo a surgery on Tuesday to address the cosmetics of his left eye. As you may recall in previous updates, the orbital bones around this eye sustained several fractures during the accident, which has caused it to set further back in the skull in comparison to his right eye. Please join us in praying for a successful, and trouble-free surgery on Tuesday.”

You can continue to chart Carnie’s progress on the Carnie’s Community group on Facebook. Updates will also continue on the Arthur Christian Church Facebook page along with the Beaufort County Emergency Services Facebook page. Information on fundraisers to help with Hedgepeth’s medical bills can be found here.

You can send cards and well wishes to:

Carnie Hedgepeth – Room 250
C/O Shepherd Center
2020 Peachtree St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30309