GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Some of the best news regarding the recovery of the Beaufort County Emergency Services director came on Sunday from his family.

In the latest post to the Arthur Christian Church Facebook page, the family of Carnie Hedgepeth said early Monday he has been taken off the ventilator since Sunday. Though he is still in a comatose state, it’s another sign of good news in the slow recovery process following a motorcycle crash with a vehicle that happened in June.

“Carnie has been completely removed from the ventilator since yesterday! Medical staff is continuing to monitor his respiratory efforts and he has been doing great so far.

“Carnie continues to maintain his vitals well but remains in a comatose state. (Eyes closed, little facial expressions, and without verbal commands.) He also continues to hold and squeeze our hands and moves his legs often.”

You can continue to follow Hedgeth’s progress here, at the Arthur Christian Church Facebook page and the Beaufort County Emergency Management Facebook page. Bunyan Fire Department is also sharing their posts.