WILSON, N.C. (WNCT) — The national sport of Mexico, Charreada, is similar to rodeo.

Its connection and historical ties to Mexico’s fight for independence have inspired around 50 teams of charros to carry on the tradition in the United States.

One team of charros is based in Elm City at Cavvietta Quarterhorse and Cattle Company. Pedro Torres, co-owner at Cavvietta Quarterhorse and Cattle Company said that charreada was the start of rodeo.

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“It was part of the revolution, how we got our independence. Charreada is the grandaddy of what we know today as rodeo,” said Torres.

Some of the events symbolize things that took place during the Mexican Revolution. He said that the events of Charreada are based on the daily activities that would take place on haciendas, or ranches, in Mexico.