The American Cancer Society had their open house on Friday at the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge in Greenville. 9OYS had the chance to visit and met with staff and the inspirational people that live here.

For many patients, getting too and from treatment can be overwhelming, especially if they live far away. 

The Hope Lodge is trying to change that. If you live more than 40 miles away, get a referral from your doctor, and are undergoing cancer treatment you can live at the lodge free of charge. 

“It was so hard trying to find people to bring me to Greenville because I have been coming over here off and on for two years. And then when they told me about this I couldn’t believe it. I said God you’re so good,” said Barbara Owens of Ahoskie. 

Patients and their loved ones or caregivers, have a room, a bed, a bathroom, they have a fully stocked kitchen, a game room, a prayer room, outdoor living space and more.

“A refuge, while im just getting my strength back to go home, Lord willing on Monday,” said Gloria Taylor of Gatesville.

“I’ve had many tell me that it meant the difference between them making their mortgage because they could come here and stay for free. They didn’t have to rent an apartment, or pay for a hotel room  they didn’t have to travel back and forth,” said Katrina Combs, Hope Lodge manager. 

Volunteers here at the Hope Lodge, are not only volunteers but friends.

“You have so many people standing by you, and that helps, that helps…” said Owens. 

The Hope Lodge has events going on every week – from Scrabble night, to baking night, to music night. They are always in need of individual volunteers and group volunteers. 

If you would be like to learn more about the Hope Lodge or would like to volunteer visit their website.