GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — With the news of former President Jimmy Carter receiving hospice care at home, we take a look back at his advocacy with Habitat For Humanity, an organization he and his wife Rosalynn dedicated nearly 40 years of their time.

Both branches described Carter as a hands-on public servant who was able to still lend a helping hand by building homes for those who need them even into his 90s. Over the years, Carter has traveled across the country and even the world, promoting Habitat For Humanity through their partnership with the organization called The Carter Project.

Fond remembrances for Jimmy Carter after entering hospice

“He put a face to the organization,” said Scott Johnson, the executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Pitt County. “He was a huge public figure that said ‘I am no longer gonna be concerned about nationwide politics or worldwide politics, my goal is to help people that need a helping hand.'”

Habitat For Humanity was started in Georgia, Carter’s home state, by Clarence Jordan, a farmer and biblical scholar. Since 1984, the Carters have worked with the organization.

Jimmy Carter enters hospice care. What is it?

“He just felt that he and his wife Rosalynn just felt that there was a need for affordable housing for people,” Rose MacNeal, the President and Chair of the Habitat For Humanity branch in Craven County, said. “He truly felt that this was a calling for him and his wife, and we’re so pleased that he was involved.”

The former president’s impact even reached eastern North Carolina when he visited Greenville in 1996. He signed one of six hammers, which the Pitt County Habitat For Humanity office has on display.

“It was quite impactful to have someone like that to make his presence known in Eastern North Carolina,” Johnson said. “It was also inspirational to the many people that we serve for somebody like that to come and actually swing a hammer and be a part of a building process.”

Carter’s years-long contributions to Habitat leave a long-lasting effect even on future generations.

“Without his help, we wouldn’t be the organization that we are today, but it’s just not across the United States, we’re also international,” said Michael Piraino, the Community Outreach and Development coordinator with Habitat’s branch in Craven County. “We’re building houses in other places that are in need. and none of that would’ve happened without Jimmy Carter’s vigilant support.”

According to Habitat For Humanity’s website, because of the awareness Carter and his wife raised over the years, the group is operating in all 50 states and more than 70 countries.