How to stay cool in this heat: Water is key


If you’re trying to beat the heat, water is key.

“Drink plenty of water,” said James McArthur, Interim Emergency Management Director of Pitt County. Clear Fluids. Folks that want to stay away from should try and stay away from sodas if they can. Alcoholic beverages High caffeine.”

Spending time outside can be fun but managing your time out in this heat is critical.

“Decreasing exposure during the hotter parts of the day while outside is possible,” said McArthur.

Those hottest parts of the day are from noon to about afternoon.

But where can you go to stay cool from this heat if you choose to leave the house?

One place, inside.

“To stay cool in an air-conditioned building when possible,” said McArthur.

And if the hot weather gets the best of you, slow down, rest, and get out of the sun.

“Find some shade drink some cool water,” said McArthur. Get a cool towel.”

Staying cool and healthy when temperatures are high is a community effort.

Especially for the elderly and small children

“And be monitoring friends and neighbors family we should do a good job monitoring Ah those medically fragile people or elderly,” said McArthur.


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