Hurricane shelter simulation held in Pitt County Monday


Dozens of people gathered at Parker’s Chapel Church in Greenville Monday for a hurricane shelter simulation.

Pitt County Government partnered with the Red Cross for the drill.

Volunteers followed a pretend scenario where a hurricane made landfall in the county and practiced how to activate a mass shelter.

“We work with people and see what types of activities may come up” executive director of the Northeastern N.C. Red Cross, Cally Edwards, said. “This is an exercise today, so it is not a real event. However, in this scenario, we also do what we call injects which are sample scenarios we may come across during a real time disaster.” 

In a real situation, cots would be set up in the church’s gym and there would be medical rooms available for people seeking help.

The Red Cross said they are always looking for shelter partner’s like Parker’s Chapel to help during disasters.

There are currently 15 community shelter partners.

For more information on the exercise or community shelter program, contact the county at (252) 902-2955.

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