JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — The new Jacksonville Station is now the connection point for Amtrak Thruway Service to connect with train transit. Daily pick up and drop off will begin immediately at Jacksonville Stations, 1300 N. Marine Boulevard.

Transportation Director, Anthony Prinz says, “The City is excited to partner with Amtrack to provide Thruway Bus Service at Jacksonville Station. For a number of years, the Thruway service has provided safe, affordable and convenient passenger railway access to our community. As the new home base for Amtrak, Jacksonville Station now adds a touch of the City’s hospitality to the Thruway experience.” 

Jacksonville Station is the City’s new transportation hub for the community that allows all modes of transportation to connect at one location. The station includes a waiting area for the public, ticket counter, military VIP lounge, conference rooms, and offices for Jacksonville Transit, City Transportation, and Onslow United Transit System.

Go to JacksonvilleTransit.com to find out more.