JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – 9OYS first brought you the story about a community rallying behind a local teen after he suffered a traumatic brain injury in January.

Bryson Capps, 13, was hunting when he was hit by a rogue bullet on New Year’s Eve. Months later, the community is still pulling together to support him as he recovers. 

Hundreds of community members gathered for one cause on Friday and that’s to “Bring Bryson Back.” A benefit dinner was held for Capps at Tar Landing Baptist Church in Jacksonville.

“The injury took a lot away. So he’s having to relearn pretty much everything again,” said Bryson’s cousin, Emily Battle. 

Bryson is in a much better position now than he was in January, according to his cousin. 

“He can have a conversation with you now. He’s regained movement on his right side. He’s feeding himself,” said Battle. 

But he’s still got a long road to go. He just graduated from a rehab facility in Atlanta. Now, he’s moving on to another program to work on some of the things he has to relearn before he comes home.  

“He is currently in a wheelchair. He has movement and feeling on his right side. But his left side, he’s got a lot of nerve pain,” said Battle.  

The money raised from this benefit is going to help the family modify their house to fit his new needs.  

“They’re going to have to widen doorways, they’re going to have to build a ramp, they will have to have a new vehicle that can transport his wheelchair to and from therapies and doctor’s appointments,” said Battle.  

Organizers of the event hope to raise over $100,000 for the family. 

“We feel very comfortable with it. We’ll be able to get over our goal,” said one community volunteer, Billy Sewell. 

And that’s because of the overwhelming support Bryson has gotten from the very beginning, fFrom the green bows on mailboxes to the hundreds of “Pray for Bryson” signs throughout the community.

“His reaction is exactly what you think it is, there’s a smile, there’s joy, he understands that. You know, you name a bunch of these people, he knows who they are, and he knows what they mean to him and our family,” said Battle.  

To follow along on Bryson’s road to recovery, follow “Bryson’s Believers” on Facebook here.