JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — District Attorney Ernie Lee said no charges will be filed against a wife who fatally stabbed her husband at a hotel last week.

Police responded to the Rodeway Inn & Suites at 2149 N. Marine Blvd. in Jacksonville on Feb. 20 at 5:15 p.m. Officers found a person suffering from a stab wound. Paul Johnson, 55, of Jacksonville, was taken to Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, where he died.

Lee said the stabbing was a domestic incident between the husband and wife, whose name was not released. He also said the spouse acted in self-defense when she fatally stabbed Johnson. He said the victim grabbed a knife and said he was going to kill her and the children.

“The spouse kicked the knife away from him as he continued to choke and beat her,” Lee said in a press release. “She somehow got the knife, and she does not recall how and when he was stabbed but he said, ‘You stabbed me.’ She ran from the hotel room and took the knife with her because she was afraid. She ran to another room and a friend called the police.

“I have determined that no charges will be brought against the spouse since the evidence clearly shows that the spouse acted in self-defense to protect herself from possible death or serious bodily injury.”

Lee said the couple had been married since 2021 and both resided and worked at the hotel. The press release also stated the spouse claimed Johnson had a significant drinking and drug problem and that he abused her. She said he was on a three-day drinking and drug binge at the time.

“Detective Schott noticed bruising about the person of the spouse that was consistent with her statements to law enforcement. In addition, detectives noted that there were obvious signs of an altercation having occurred in their hotel room,” Lee said.

Police reports and Lee indicated Johnson had a long criminal history “from 1993 through 2021 including convictions in New York, North Carolina and South Dakota.”

The Jacksonville Police Department conducted the investigation and released the findings to Lee on Tuesday before Wednesday’s press conference.