JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – An education town hall meeting took place in Jacksonville as a response to what happened at Northside High School earlier this month.  

It was part of a larger event going on for several days in the community called the Global Soldier Festival. Community members, leaders, and school officials worked together to find ways to keep students safe.  

Just two weeks ago, tragedy struck Northside High School when one student died after being stabbed during a fight.

“The point of the town halls is just to give the public a chance to come out. I’ve spoken with some of our county leaders, our city leaders are education, leadership, you know, they seem to be willing to listen if people will come out and talk,” said First Vice President for the Onslow County NAACP, M. Kenyatta Euring Sr. 

Police release 911 audio of Northside stabbing call

The people’s coalition hosted the town hall meeting, and they say it was originally supposed to be a back-to-school event. But now, they’re using it as a way to address the violence within the community and the schools.  

“The end goal is for our elected leaders and our school leaders to have a chance to hear input from the community so that when they start creating solutions, their solutions are based on actual input from the people who live in the communities and who are witnessing it,” said Euring. 

This is all part of a larger-scale event with different things happening every day throughout the weekend to benefit people in the community. 

“Right now is the perfect time to have an event where people can come on to that can be educated, they can be empowered, they can be entertained, they can dance, they can dress up, but at the same time they walk away and say I felt really impacted,” said Support Her Boots founder Joie Cook. 

Organizers hope to have several other town halls in the future to hopefully get to the root of the problem.  

“Together, they all determine what each person’s part where each person’s part should be in the solution to making sure our kids are safe in the community. Our neighbors are safe in the community that our schools are places of education, and places that our kids have to worry,” said Euring.  

The next town hall will take place at the Jacksonville Commons on Saturday from 3-4 pm during the rest of the festival.