ENC reacts to Wednesday events in Washington D.C.


JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – People across Eastern North Carolina are still talking about the events in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, what led up to it and its aftermath.

Many are still watching things unfold through social media and on television, including in eastern North Carolina. People did not keep silent when expressing their feelings over what happened. Facebook and Twitter exploded with comments, sparking a division over what happened and who’s to blame.

9OYS spoke to people who did not want to be on camera and described Wednesday’s events as chaotic, pathetic and predictable. One Jacksonville woman did not understand how federal officials were not prepared for a potential assault.

Social media users also said President Donald Trump fueled the anger with his tweets. The riot happened because supporters of the president wanted to prevent certification of the electoral college vote, which was done early Thursday morning, certifying Joe Biden as the next president.

A Trump supporter said she is over his attitude, describing his tweets as “little boy tantrums.”

Another was in Maryland near the Capitol. He witnessed people rallying outside the city and heard from people who planned to be at the insurrection.

“I think they were trying to get a point across, trying to let people know that … we are supporters of a certain person,” said the Jacksonville man.

“From what I saw, I think people were so tired of all the stuff anyway, so they were ready and all it took was someone … who that was, was it President Trump, or something else, or someone in his cabinet, I don’t know,” said Renee, another Jacksonville resident.

The violence delayed the process for hours but did not prevent Congress from certifying the electoral votes, clearing the way for Joe Biden to become president in 13 days.

WNCT viewers weighed in on the constitutional process. Around 5 p.m. Thursday, there was an even result on our Facebook poll, whether people agreed or disagreed with the certification results.

“I’m for people going to the ballot boxes is what I’m for,” said another Jacksonville man. “I’m not for individuals who people can pay off, that can just check off stuff as they want to check off.”

“The whole way we voted last … wasn’t accurate, let’s just say that, but yet Biden won. So I believe
right turns out right, and just like when they were saying Trump was doing all this stuff and investigated him and they come up with nothing,” said Renee.

Security is expected to be very tight for the president-elect’s swearing-in ceremony on January 20. More police, federal agents and troops are expected to be on hand because of Wednesday.

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