JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Swiateks have lived at Moss Creek Drive in Jacksonville for five years. Sewage issues they’ve been dealing with are bringing several problems to them, including illness.

“Nausea, diarrhea, headaches, things like that. So I mean, we didn’t really think anything about it at the time. But like doing further research into it, like these are all symptoms of standing sewage,” says Matt Swiatek.

The Swiateks say standing water was noted in their initial report when they first moved in.

“And nothing’s ever been done about it … until it got so bad,” Swiatek said. “They couldn’t ignore it anymore”

The Onslow County Health Department inspected and tested the sewage system and deemed it a public health hazard. They informed the property management company they had 30 days to repair it and can’t rent or sell the home again until it was fixed.

“They kind of just dropped this on us a couple days before Christmas, told us we have three weeks to get out,” Swiatek said. “And that was it, not hearing anything. So because of that, we had to like really scramble to try and find someplace”

The family is in the process of moving, but is concerned for others in the area.

“We started to make a correlation between like things that are happening and the sickness,” Swiatek said.

One neighbor told WNCT she also is experiencing the same issues. She said her child has been sick, possibly from the runoff sewage water and added she plans to address it with the Onslow County Health Department as well.

WNCT did reach out to the property management company for comment on this issue but has not heard back. The Onslow County Health Department issued a statement on the situation. Click here to read it.