JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Onslow County recognized the men and women dedicated to serving their community.

On Monday, the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce held its 11th Annual Public Safety Awards. Whether it’s law enforcement, firefighting or emergency medical services, the community is saluting its local heroes.

“Every officer, every detective, everybody that I work with, we all have the same goal. It’s community safety,” said Det. Julia Parrish with the Jacksonville Police Department. “It’s making sure that we’re available for our community, and I am so proud to work with everybody.”

Parrish received one of the five public safety awards at the ceremony. She has been a part of the Special Victims Unit since 2011.

“I do child fatalities, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and along with my title with SVU, I also am a part of several committees,” said Parrish.

She said it is an honor to even be nominated, but loved seeing everyone she works with each and every day, supporting one another.

Police Chief Michael Yaniero also gave out special recognition to Dr. Tobi Gilbert. She has been working with JPD since 2015 and received the Law Enforcement Support Specialist of the Year award.

“None of us could do what we do if it wasn’t for each other,” she said.

She is involved in opioid response, child advocacy and mental health services.

“I hope that our community can see the level of commitment you know that everybody here today puts in and know that there’s hundreds more of them,” said Gilbert.

This is the first Public Safety Awards in two years and Jacksonville-Onslow County Chamber of Commerce officials said they’re excited to be back to honor first responders in the community.