JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – With the Fourth of July approaching, firework stands are popping up across the country.

But with inflation and shortages affecting everyone, firework companies are also seeing its effects. Representatives for TNT and Phantom Fireworks locations in Jacksonville said that they’ve been hit hard by the current state of the economy but are hopeful sales will pick up closer to the holiday.

Fourth of July fireworks, celebrations in ENC

Brittany Newman is in her fourth year working at Phantom Fireworks in Jacksonville. She said each year they sell out and anticipate they will again, even with the rising prices.

“Obviously inflation did hit fireworks this year really, really hard, but it’s been good,” said Newman.

Michelle Duke is manning the TNT Firework stand at the corner of Gum Branch Road and Western Boulevard. She said with inflation, some of the firework prices have nearly doubled since last year.

“Sales have been increasing daily since we opened on Thursday,” said Duke. “But it’s definitely not the track that we had last year.”

Duke added while sales have been slow, they still have a lot of fireworks in stock. But this year they received a smaller shipment than usual.

“I will say that this is all we have and normally we have a lot more,” said Duke. “In the previous years we’ve had four to six pallets and this year we only got three pallets, so it’s definitely been a shortage across the state.”

Newman said Phantom Fireworks still has quite a variety as well, but only received one box of smaller fireworks.

“We do have a shortage with all the handmade items such as you know sparklers, the pop-its, all the things like that,” said Newman.

Duke and Newman remind buyers to be careful while setting off their fireworks this upcoming holiday weekend.