JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The Onslow Board of Commissioners met in a special workshop Monday morning. The board considered proposals about affordable housing projects and discussed potential county ordinances.  

The board accepted a proposal that will bring at least 82 affordable housing units to the county in the next year. 

“The affordable housing that was probably one of the most important things that we discussed today,” said Vice Chairman Onslow County Board of Commissioners, Tim Foster. 

The proposal came from Carolina Statewide Development, a local company that will build those units across from the Jacksonville Commons.   

“They will start their process of applying for the percentage of revenue or the money that they can get from the state and federal agencies. And we hope to see them begin that paperwork in that process in January,” said Foster. 

Jacksonville Mayor Sammy Phillips also praised the news.

“Through continued cooperation and by working together, the Jacksonville City Council and the Onslow County Commissioners can address the affordable housing shortage,” Phillips said. “Additionally, James Maides and his associates of Carolina Statewide are to be commended for their commitment to providing affordable units for our Citizens.”

The county will use 5 million from the American Rescue Plan Act funding to go towards this 30-million-dollar project.   

They say it’s not something that will fix the problem completely, but they say it’s a first step in the right direction, especially following the upcoming eviction of residents from Town Center Apartments. 

“This is a very much needed housing opportunity for the ones that are going to be put out I think some of those folks will be evicted next year, but that’s something the city is doing not the county,” said Chairman, Onslow County Board of Commissioners, Jack Bright. 

Onslow county has a need of 2,100 affordable housing units overall.  

These units will serve residents at and below 60% of the average median income, providing new safe and affordable housing for people in the community. 

“We know that Onslow County is facing a crunch with the affordable housing, and this was a way for us to step in and help that situation out,” said Foster. 

Commissioners also weighed in about a panhandling ordinance, a public records policy, and closing some solid waste mobile collection convivence sites.