JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The recent uptick in rain means the potential for an increase of one pest that thrives in standing water. 

Officials are urging people to keep their homes as dry as possible to help curb any potential mosquito outbreaks. Even something as small as a bottle cap can be a new home for mosquitos to breed in if it becomes full of standing water.  

“Anywhere that you see around your house that you have standing water is the main culprit to breeding mosquitoes,” said Street Superintendent for the City of Jacksonville, Kelly Cannon. 

That’s why the City of Jacksonville urges residents to tip and toss any standing water on their properties to stop potential outbreaks. The city also has a three-step approach to dealing with the pests. 

“We go through chemical spraying, chemical adulticide and throwing out tablets for the standing water that’s in the city of Jacksonville and also through education,” said Cannon.  

They do this for the safety of everyone, because of the diseases the insects can spread.  

“Potentially Zika or malaria, and there is a plethora of other things, but those are big, big ones that we look out for,” said Cannon. 

If you’re trying to avoid getting bit, some things you can do to keep yourself safe this summer is avoiding standing water, showing bare skin and wearing dark clothing. You can also spray yourself with repellent and keep an eye on the time of day you go outside. 

“The peak hours of a mosquito infestation would be during your dawn and your dusk hours. So, if you can limit yourself to those times of being outside, maybe stay inside a little bit,” said Cannon.