JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Onslow County health officials continue to get good news in regards to the number of COVID-19 cases there.

The county is seeing its lowest COVID-19 case count since July. Health officials are reporting 482 active cases, bringing the daily average to about 30

Kristen Richmond-Hoover, the director of the Onslow County health department, said protocols must continue to keep numbers down as the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons approach.

“We know that people are planning for the holidays and planning together with family,” Richmond-Hoover said. “We want them to think about, you know how to how to still do that safely. And to make sure that everyone is vaccinated, that would give the safest opportunity for them to be able to gather together.”

Currently, 62% of Onslow County residents have received at least one of their two COVID-19 shots that are needed to be fully vaccinated.