JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Onslow County Board of Commissioners met on Monday and, during its regular session, also voted to censure one of its members.

The board voted 5-2 to censure Commissioner Walter Scott. He voted against the censure along with Lisa Carpenter. Scott was at Monday’s meeting and had no comment on the decision, WNCT’s Claire Curry reports. He said in 10 days a statement would be released.

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Page three of the document also said board members sat down with Scott to discuss his actions.

“We had a meeting with the attorney myself, the Chairman and Mr. Walter Scott, unexplained these things to him into the next step would be censure. But we also said that we did not want to take that step,” said Vice Chairman for Onslow County Board of Commissioners, Robin Knapp.

Each commissioner gave their comments and reasoning during the meeting why the censure was given except for Paul Buchanan.

“Y’all sensor me for doing what I think is right. I will stand up for any employee that we had,” Scott said during the meeting.

The resolution was released on Thursday about the possible censure. It said Scott was being considered for censure because of continued disrespect and demeaning actions and communication toward county employees.

The failure to correct those actions would result in further action deemed necessary, the board said in the release of the document.

“A censure is just a formal disapproval of actions,” Board Chairman Tim Foster said after the meeting. “And with that is just the board says, We don’t like what’s taking place. Let’s see if we can change course.”

Carpenter said there could have been other ways to handle the situation.

“I fail to believe that although you have had individual meetings with them and talked with them that everything possible has been done to handle this issue in private,” Carpenter said.

Foster said he hoped to see a change of behavior and move on with no further issues.

“Today is something that none of us wanted to have to deal with or do,” Foster said. “And that action taken was to this hope to move forward and continued and realize that Onslow County is in the forefront of our discussions, all of our actions and all of our decisions”