JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- As concerns continue to grow surrounding the use of narcotics in Onslow County, sheriff’s office officials say they have seen an increase in drug overdoses in the area.

Sheriff Hans Miller said they responded to overdoses in multiple areas of Onslow County just recently. They were able to revive many using Narcan, but for some, it was too late.

There were four overdose-related deaths, three of which occurred in the same residence located on Rocky Run Road. Miller said they are waiting for the toxicology reports, but believe drug lacing is the culprit.

“My concern is that we see an increase in fentanyl, a lot of times, cocaine or methamphetamine or even marijuana is laced with fentanyl to make the high stronger. And eventually, you know, it’s more than the body can take,” said Miller.

Miller added he hopes these high overdose numbers will not continue to occur and that people struggling with addiction should seek long-term treatment.

To learn more about resources available in Onslow and surrounding counties you can go here for assistance in Jacksonville and here for Morehead City.