JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — Onslow County Solid Waste has a new tool that will prolong the life span of its landfill by offsetting costs and improving waste compaction. The VZ 950 Titan shredder recently entered service after a testing period that included multiple other types of industrial shredders.

This piece of equipment was selected because of its ability to efficiently shred many types of waste. By creating smaller pieces of material, the waste at the landfill can be compacted to a greater degree and prolong the service life of the Onslow County Landfill.

“The longer and the better we can compact our trash, the more we can break down this product to reduce the surface area that it takes up, the longer we can be here, and work in this area, saving the taxpayers money, which we’re self-sufficient, but it still saves the public money, and it keeps us going,” said Michael Russell, landfill supervisor for Onslow County Solid Waste.

One of the popular services offered by Onslow County Solid Waste is free used tire disposal. On average Citizens and businesses dispose of over 11,000 tires a month. Onslow County had previously contracted a tire hauling service to dispose of the tires at a cost of over $300,000 a year. When the contract came up for renewal in 2021 the cost was projected to be $443,000. The shredder costs $816,512.00 and will pay for itself within three years of operation.

The Onslow County Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of shredding equipment that would allow the landfill to dispose of tires on-site without the need for a contracted service to haul them away.

The shredded tires have an added benefit of acting as a waste barrier to assist with the cover of the landfill which helps keep layers separated, control erosion, minimize odor, and prevent the spread of litter.

The shredder can dispose of concrete material by turning it into gravel for use on roads at Onslow County facilities. It can also turn vegetative debris into mulch. A notable example of how efficiently the machine operates is that a king-size mattress can fit into a five-gallon bucket once shredded.