JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – An Onslow County family is seeking answers after gunfire placed them in danger. 

The LeCureux family were all at home around 7:30 last Thursday evening when a stray bullet hit their home, went through the bathroom, and into the wall. Robin LeCureux said her daughter was about to take a shower and her son was doing laundry, both of them just feet away from where the bullet came into their home.  

“We thought that something just crashed. So we told the kids to kind of look around and they didn’t immediately see anything,” said LeCureux. “Then my son went into the bathroom and there was a big bullet hole, so immediately called the Onslow County Sheriff.”

LeCureux said a deputy came to their home and called a crime scene investigator to get a general idea of where the bullet came from. But an off-duty investigator was called so no one responded until the following day to look at the scene further.

“They were kind of upset that nobody came out that night because they could have come in and narrowed down where it exactly came from, so it was kind of frustrating,” she said.

LeCureux was hoping law enforcement would also ask neighbors about the incident, but at first, no one did.

“I started calling representatives and senators and county commissioners,” she said. “Dr. Greg Murphy called the Sheriff’s Office and so did (Onslow County Commissioner) Robin Knapp and finally somebody started to knock on doors.”

She’s thankful her family wasn’t harmed but wants to get to the bottom of where the bullet came from.

“There’s a lot of guns that go off quite often and the response time is so bad down here,” added LeCureux. “It takes a good 45 minutes to an hour before officers can get out here, I understand they’re busy, but at the same time, we need help out here, too.”

Onslow County Sheriff Chris Thomas said Monday the incident is still under investigation and two detectives are looking into it.