JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Jacksonville Police Department is investigating three suspected overdoses that occurred last Friday evening at the Cardinal Lounge in Jacksonville.

First responders administered Narcan to the individuals when they arrived on the scene, and two of the individuals recovered. Michael Ray Baysden did not survive. County officials said this is an ongoing investigation and the suspected overdoses cannot be confirmed until a toxicology report is conducted. That process is likely to take months.

Onslow County Sherriff, Christopher Thomas said the war on drugs continues to be an ongoing battle in the county.

“Last year we had 72 deaths here in Onslow County,” Thomas said. “So far this year, since January 1 to (Thursday’s) date, we’ve had six. That gives you a better feeling that it has slowed down some, however, our arrests and responses to individuals with overdoses has not seemed to have slowed down.”

Officials report that one man is in custody after being linked as the distributor of the narcotics that caused the alleged overdoses. Thomas said consequences need to be faced for crimes like this.

“Individuals who sell those substances in our community need to be held to the most extreme penalty law has,” Thomas said.

Thomas stressed the importance of Narcan reversing the effects of suspected overdoses.

“It is a counteractive for an opioid drug, it does not always work on fentanyl,” Thomas said. “Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, it is not quite successful with it as it is meth or heroin or something of that nature.

“But it does counteract the effects of an individual that might be unconscious, not breathing, may not even have a heartbeat and it can sometimes bring the individual back, it basically counteracts the effect of the opioid.”

The family of Baysden said they are remembering him for the loving husband, father and friend that he was.

“Mike always had positive words, every day to everybody, you can look at his TikToks, he was so positive, anybody that knew him knew he was a fun-loving great guy,” said Anna Baysden, the wife of Michal Baysden. “He did not have an enemy, he was the hardest worker, the hardest worker I’ve ever met.

“We’re always going to talk about him, I just want to make him proud. Probably everything I do, I’m going to say, ‘Would Mike want this?’ in any decision I make.”

Narcan nasal spray can be purchased at pharmacies or can be given free of charge at your local health department.