The dress code at Kickback Jack’s has some customers a little upset.

“The sign is bogus,” said customer Zaena Graham. “I think it’s a bunch of…rubbish.”

The sign posted inside its restaurant lists the dress code and behavior requirements. The list starts off prohibiting negative attitudes, offensive language, and any attire containing profanity.

“In a family atmosphere other than just a sports bar, I think profanity should be restricted in any public place,” said John Baucom, a customer.

“The first part sounded OK, but it just got, to me, more discriminatory,” said Laurie Washington, who was eating at the restaurant with her husband, Thomas Washington.

The dress code goes on to say no low-hanging pants or shorts, no plain white T-shirts, and no excessively baggy attire.

Laurie and Thomas Washington believe it has a racial undertone and is offensive to them.

“That’s typically, younger African-American type attire,” said Laurie Washington.

Baucom said not having the policy could be offensive to others.

“The way they wear their pants and exposing certain parts of skin or whatever, I think that should be a manager’s discretion as far as offensive to other people,” he said.

Backpacks, stilettos, balloons, and large parties are also not allowed. You must arrive to Kickback Jack’s already dressed the part. There’s a policy that you may not modify your wardrobe upon entrance.

According to their website, there are 14 Kickback Jack’s restaurants in Virginia and North Carolina.

A manager told CBS 17 the dress code is a company-wide policy.

CBS 17 reached out to the company that owns the restaurants by phone and through email but did not get a response.