KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Kinston Police said they received a call from a person who wanted to hurt themselves on Wednesday morning.

The person, who was not identified, called 911 multiple times reporting the same thing. He also said he was armed with a knife.

Officers report they were able to de-escalate the situation after determining that the man was going through a mental health crisis. The person was moved to the hospital without further incident.

“It is imperative we provide our officers the proper training needed to respond to these types of calls,” Kinston Police Chief Keith Goyette said in a Facebook post. “Over 90% of our police officers have completed Crisis Intervention Training, and this is a perfect example why our goal as an organization is to be 100% compliant with CIT.

“I’m very proud of the strides we have made as an organization and glad our officers were able to provide the service needed to assist this individual so he can receive the proper treatment he needs.”