One woman in Kinston got back on her feet Thursday thanks to some volunteers from the Triangle area.

A group from First Presbyterian Church Durham’ spent the week remodeling and repainting her home. 

Last summer, the church went on the same mission trip. They visited Leonard’s old home and had to condemn it because of termites following Hurricane Matthew. 

“We did enough demolition in half a day, that the house was no longer livable,” said Tyler Momsen-Hudson, a volunteer. 

Leonard’s issues didn’t stop there. Shortly after, she lost her mother and dog.

“Boy if she could see this, I could see (my mother) sitting on my porch every day, in one of those rocking chairs, rocking,” said Leonard.

Since then, she is doing everything she can to find a new normal. 

She bought this home for $1 from a family member, partnering with Kinston area recovery efforts for the renovations.

The group from Durham was happy to come back and finish what they started.

“It feels great to work for this same homeowner,” said Momsen-Hudson. “She will have somewhere to live maybe within a matter of weeks because there are other groups coming behind us to finish this house.” 

“I’m going be right here in this house until I pass,” said Leonard. “All I could say is this is one of my miracles.”