KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Another city in Eastern North Carolina is considering joining the growing social district movement.

Social districts were an item on the Kinston City Council agenda on Tuesday night in the form of a presentation and a discussion. Nothing was expected to be voted on, however.

Some Kinston residents say it’s time that they have their own social district. Kinston city officials add that this could be good for the city.

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“It’s another piece to help draw actually more businesses downtown,” said Kinston Mayor Don Hardy.

The council wants to know more about social districts before any votes are made.

“Get a better understanding of how they work, what it entails, what we need to do to make it happen,” said Hardy.

In the agenda, there are two proposed social district locations. The presentation mentioned boons like economic development, recovery aid for businesses after the pandemic and bringing more people downtown.

“It’s going to draw people downtown even more so. I think, hopefully, make people more responsible as well,” said Hardy.

The office, located on Herritage Street, is within one of the proposed social districts. One of the owners who spoke with WNCT believes social districts could help bring foot traffic and make downtown the place to be.

But, there are concerns as well. Hurting the downtown’s historic feel and an increase in public intoxication and crime were both mentioned in the staff presentation.

“I don’t foresee that,” said Hardy. “I don’t foresee anything dangerous outside some people may need someone still designated walkers.”

The mayor said safeguards would be put in place.

“We’ll make sure we look at our crosswalks, make sure they are highly visible and things of that nature around that area. We’re going to make sure we maintain safety,” added Hardy.