KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Some people living in Kinston are not happy about the conditions at Pinelawn Memorial Park, a cemetery located within the city.

One person said conditions have gotten worse over the years and now she and others, want something to be done.

“This is, this is just disgraceful,” Kinston resident Evelyn Mozingo said. She said she has several family members buried at Pinelawn Memorial Park, which she visits daily.

“I have over probably 35 to 40 family plots that I put flowers on three times a year,” Mozingo said.

During those visits, Mozingo noticed some of the conditions.

“Weeds, fire ants, and the drive-through there is horrible,” Mozingo said. “They’ve got like potholes all through the whole place. It’s really sad to see a lawnmower ride over one of the markers, which could permanently damage it.”

She’s been taking matters into her own hands, making sure the cemetery gets the proper care it needs. She said she even sometimes even brought weed and ant killer to clear the graves.

Another person is concerned about a liquid fluid leaking out of the mausoleum near their loved one’s grave.

“You can see where it’s leaking, now whether it’s somebody in there, I have no idea,” Mozingo said. “There’s no name on it so I would say it’s probably empty. But the problem is that there are people that are above it and around it. I mean it’s definitely leaking from somewhere.”

Mozingo says she has a hard time reaching out to the cemetery’s owners to tell them what’s going on.

“I asked them where their corporate office was and they said it was in Pennsylvania,” Mozingo said. “How is a local person gonna get up with anybody because no one at that cemetery has any authority to do anything.”

Here’s a statement from Pinelawn’s owners Everstory Partners:

“The new leadership team has been working hard on many projects at the location. The fallen tree is being removed as soon as possible. The issues with the mausoleum is also being looked at for repair. If there are specific situations, we can look into, please let us know. The location number is 252-558-4293.”