SNEADS FERRY, N.C. (WNCT) — The Coastal Carolina Riverwatch is investigating a large algae bloom and reported fish kill in the Sneads Ferry area.

The areas of concern are near the end of Fannie Creek Lane and a pond in the Chadwick Shores subdivision. On Wednesday, crews were collecting water, algae and fish samples.

Coastal Carolina Riverwatch officials cautioned people about fertilizing their lawns before a rain storm to prevent future algae blooms. Officials also warn to stay out of the water during fish kills.

“What we like to say is, ‘when in doubt, stay out’,” said Lisa Rider, executive director for Coastal Carolina Riverwatch. “So if you see fish kills, stay out of the water, and report those fish kills and or algal blooms to the state of North Carolina.”

The state has a new reporting application for people to address concerns. Click here to find out more or reach out to the Coastal Carolina Riverwatch directly.