Law enforcement calls on public to help get drugs off streets


The opioid epidemic is a national issue and the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office is working to tackle it locally.

They have made several drug-related arrests recently; however, they need the publics help too.

There are ways you can get involved helping law enforcement get prescription medication and drugs off the streets. 

One way is to lock up your medicine cabinet. Members of law enforcement say they have seen countless examples of medication being stolen from family members and friends right out of their cabinets.

Also, if you do not need the prescription anymore, do not throw it away or flush it. Instead, they suggest taking it to your local sheriff’s office. Pitt County even has a medicine drop where they dispose of the medication professionally. 

We will never be able to arrest our way out of this problem, said Sergeant Lee Darnell. We all need to come together and be proactive and take whatever steps it takes to stop this.

The department is also working on the S.H.A.R.P. program. The program will work to rehabilitate inmates in the county’s detention center. 

You can also do your part and anonymously report substance abuse around you to Crimestoppers. To report, call 252-758-7777. 

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