Council approves contractor to build homes in West Greenville


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) This week Greenville City Council unanimously approved for Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to become the contractor to build new homes in Lincoln Park.

The units will be located on a lot near the corner of Bancroft Avenue and Fleming Street.

“We do have plans, house plans for those units. There will be two plans that will be available. We’re gonna work with a realtor for the first time to help sell those units, to market and, find eligible buyers.” said Tiana Berryman, Housing Administrator, City of Greenville.

The contract with Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC is for $485,600.

Project leaders hope to have the new units completed some this summer.

Berryman adds that is there is any profit of any kind the City won’t keep it.

The money will go back into the West Greenville Community.


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) One neighborhood in the West Greenville area is getting some much-needed work done.

The City of Greenville is actively working to rebuild the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

City leaders consider Lincoln Park a priority zone for community development.

These efforts include home repairs, new construction of affordable homes and infrastructure improvements.

Resident in and around the Lincoln Park area tell 9 On Your Side’s Aaron Deane that they are glad to see that work is being done and that the cities efforts bring hope for the future.

“It’s all positive. It’s very positive,” said Elijah Ebron.

“Oh, it’s improved so much. It really has. I’m proud of the renovations and everything,” said Annetta Staton.

Both Ebron and Staton live in West Greenville.

The city of Greenville is actively working to revitalize the Lincoln Park neighborhood in West Greenville.

“They came and did changes around the neighborhood. Pave the street, put lights out where you can really see people at night, crime done dropped. A whole bunch of nice things done, happen,” said Ebron.

In the Lincoln Park neighborhood, there are plans to build four new single-family homes for low to moderate-income buyers.

The goal, to increase homeownership opportunities for people in the area.

“Oh yeah, it pays off at the end. The prices of houses go back up, taxes on your home, there’s a lot of nice things that we can benefit from,” said Ebron.

Residents hope the cites efforts will make their neighborhood more welcoming.

“My prayer is for everything to continue to be improved and to make it safer for all children not just my grandchildren,” said Annetta Staton, Lives in West Greenville.

There is one thing that Lincoln Park and West Greenville residents say they need.

“Oh, little bumps in the street. You know cars flying from down the street,” said Ebron.

“We really need speed bumps. The traffic is so much better now but they speed a lot I don’t like that,” said Staton.

The estimated budget for the four new construction units is $498,624.

Greenville City Council members will hear more about the revitalization efforts during their workshop on November 14 before the City Council Meeting.

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