9OYS Living Local: ‘Things from Yesteryear Museum’


The Things from Yesteryear Museum in Pollocksville holds a collection 18 years in the making.

It all started when owner John Baldwin took a trip to a different museum and saw a display of antique toasters.

His collection of antique appliances expanded from his home to a garage, two sheds, and a trailer.

After 18 years, waffle irons and popcorn poppers are just some of the things you can find in Baldwin’s collection.

The items range from the 1970s all the way back to the 1800s.

However, this isn’t a mission to restore these antiques.

Instead, it’s a mission to remember and appreciate their history.

“Any history is important because what our folks did, what our grand folks did, that’s going to be us. They’ve laid the foundation so when you look back at these beautiful appliances and look at some of the ones that are made today, well the art is gone,” said John Baldwin, the owner of Things from Yesteryear Museum.

Baldwin also said that when he can no longer maintain the museum, he plans on donating his collection to Jones County.

The museum is located on 10 Mile Fork Road. It’s free and open to the public by appointment.

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