Local businesses, brands affected by recent social media outage


Social media giant Facebook experienced one of the longest outages in history last week affecting businesses, brands, and everyday people. 

WNCT’s Amber Joseph takes a look at how the outage impacted local businesses and social media influencers. 

“We’ve been using the Facebook ads it’s really helped the business a lot,” said Mari Diaz, Stretchzone co-manager.  
Stretchzone in Greenville uses Facebook and Instagram as their main marketing strategy but they ran into a major problem on Wednesday when Facebook and Instagram were down due to a server change.

The sites weren’t restored until Thursday.  

“We were running into an issue where we couldn’t post stuff. We honestly didn’t know what was going on but we realized because of that we weren’t able to post stuff, to get our word out to people, people weren’t able to book their appointments online. They weren’t able to see our ads so we weren’t able to let people see us that day,” said Diaz.  

Lifestyle blogger Grace Nenow uses social media to promote her personal blog. She built an audience and works with brands. 

“Social media is so important to me. My Instagram is probably the reason why I’ve gotten 60 to 70 percent of the brand partnership I have,” said Nenow. 

“Being able to reach a lot of people instantly when you post anything out there, either all of your friends family and customers especially for businesses,” said Joseph Martin, Carolina IT Group president. 

Martin believes that’s one of the pros of social media. 

if you’re not a business owner or blogger? You may use social media or save your information and files on online storage space. The key is to diversify. 

“A lot of the times people post directly to the cloud thinking their safe but if their account gets messed up blocked or something happens you just lost access to all of that so having a digital copy on a hard drive or another cloud service like Google or one drive will help a whole lot,” said Martin. 

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