KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — City of Kinston Mayor Don Hardy says North Carolina will see around $9 billion over the next five years from President Joe Biden’s infrastructure deal.

“For towns like Kinston, the bipartisan infrastructure deal will have an incredible impact on us,” Hardy said. “The big issue for Kinston is safeguarding our infrastructure against future extreme weather events. It’s no secret that heavy rains, hurricanes, and flood events have been occurring more frequently with more intensity than they did a generation ago.”

Roads will also be a priority for Kinston.

“There are some roads in our city that are still dirt believe it or not,” Hardy added. “HWY 70, corridor 70 east which will currently be Interstate-42, we’re looking to see what that looks like in the very near future making that interstate ready.”

Broadband is also an important project the funding could help.

“I’ve been screaming and shouting about this since 2017 as to how we get WiFi in our downtown areas, parks, and recreation facilities,” said Hardy. “I can assure you we’ve already started to work and this funding right here is gonna make it even better.”

Hardy said the city could start to see these changes soon.

“I want to say within the coming months, I say 30, 60, 90 days, you’re gonna see some of this take place,” he said.