Local Greenville artist, “Dre of the East,” works to expand the art, music scene


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – In many cities across the country, there are communities of artists that create and spread their work.

Here in Greenville, one performer wants to expand the art and music scene by bringing artists from the community together. 

Drayvon Fairley goes by “Dre of the East” and he is working to create a safe space for artists in the community to come together and express themselves. 

He’s been making music since he was fourteen years old. 

When his dreams of becoming a football player didn’t go his way, he decided he wanted to make an impact on people’s lives through music. 

He works in partnership with Media Majorz and VVS studios. 

The main goal they’re working towards is to grow the music community in Greenville. 

“When I first started it there was no outlets for me to actually go out there and perform beside a few open mics here and there so I how bout I book my own venue and have people who are actually passionate about and this is their dreams come out and perform,” says Fairley. 

Through these open mics and events, he’s able to give a voice to artists who want to learn and develop their skills, which can be a vital part of maintaining someone’s mental health. 

“One of the biggest things that you find is that the art can provide hope for individuals and it may also give them the opportunity to release or express some of those negative feelings and if it is negative it gives them the opportunity to look at what are changes I need to make in my life,” says Amy Albritton, a recreation therapy assistant at Vidant.

Dre of the East also sees it as a chance to help the youth in the area stay on the right track, he explains, “We have a few that come out and perform with us, they’re in gangs and stuff like that but because they’re with us they’re not out there doing stupid stuff and when they come in we say no gang signs, no gang dances, no shakes, no none of that and they follow those directions and they come out and have a good time.” 

Dre also admits it takes a village to leave an impact and hopes others will get involved, “I would like to see more support from people who aren’t inside that more creative space for artists rather than me just having to come out of pocket and create events and stuff like that,” he says. 

On January 10 there will be an open mic held at Room 108 in Greenville at 7 PM. 

It is open to any creatives and Dre encourages everyone to come out and network or just enjoy the event. 

If you would like more information or would like to get involved with this movement you can email Dre at buildingcultureeast@gmail.com or his Instagram page here.

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