SNEADS FERRY, N.C. (WNCT) — Two new food pantry boxes have been added to Sneads Ferry by one local teen and his fellow Eagle Scout troops.

The Sneads Ferry Senior Center and First United Methodist Church each received one at their locations. Eagle Scout Ronald Bowman said that he has been volunteering at the Sneads Ferry Food Bank for over a year now. When he needed to complete his Eagle project, he wanted to install food pantry boxes to help people in his community.

“I’ve got talking to a few of them. And they told me their story on how hard it is just going month to month not knowing if they’re gonna have enough food. And I wanted to make sure that that wasn’t an issue or trying to make it less of an issue than it is now.” said Bowman, who belongs to Eagle Scout Troop 937.

Their plan is to install one more box in the area, bringing the total to three. They’re currently looking for the right area to put the third box in.