Local veterinarian offers warning after treating dog for Blue-Green Algae toxicity


Toxic Blue-Green Algae Blooms are causing concern for pet owners across the state and country.

Multiple dogs have reportedly died within hours of swimming in bodies of water with bacteria.

Dr. Christian Proietto, of Animal Care East in Winterville, treated a dog for the issue last week. He said it was the first time he had ever treated a patient with the sickness.

He wants pet owners to realize how fatal the sickness can be. He also wants them to watch out for the signs and symptoms.

He says if your dog is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting after swimming -contact your local vet immediately.  

“If there is any doubt that the body of water is contaminated don’t allow your dog to swim in the body of water, drink from the body of water or play near the body of water,” he said. “You want to avoid anything that looks blue-green – looks like scum at the surface of fresh water.”

He says these algae blooms can also be transparent and harder to see. He says if the water looks oily at the surface do not let your pet in.

He says there is also no cure for this issue. However, after three days in the hospital, aggressive antibiotics and IV treatments his patient did survived.

He considers the dog one of the lucky ones.

He also notes the sickness can be delayed by a few days, so if you suspect your pet may have been contaminated keep a watchful eye on them and their behavior.

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