Local woman makes headbands to take pressure off healthcare workers


Across the country, people are pulling out their sewing machines and making things like handmade masks.

One woman here in the east is making the hours of wearing masks a little easier for healthcare workers.

Courtney Beaman works in the NICU at Vidant Medical Center.

At Vidant, all health care workers who work in the clinical areas and are providing direct patient care are required to wear a mask during their entire shift, even if they aren’t working directly with COVID-19 patients.

After a few shifts in a row, Beaman, and her coworkers, were feeling the pain.

“My ears were just killing me,” said Beaman. “It felt like they were getting raw and I thought there’s got to be something we can do. We saw these pictures floating around on the internet of people sewing buttons on headbands for the mask straps to go on and I said ‘oh I can probably make one of those!’”

All it takes a headbands and a couple buttons to provide a little relief.

The headbands quickly became a hit!

“It started off a just a few for me and my friends and then it turned into 50,” said Beaman.

Now, she and her mom have made more than 400 headbands.

Health care workers from all over the country have reached out to Beaman.

“They’ve gone as far as Hawaii!” she said.

When it comes to making the headbands available, community donations are making a difference.

The bands are free to any healthcare worker who wants one.

This five minute craft is helping people who save lives every day.

“It’s just something small I can do to help the health care workers that are on the front line during these scary times,” said Beaman. “My grandma taught me to sew and she said ‘I can’t do much but I can sew on a button’ and so that’s what I think of whenever I’m making one of these headbands.”

If you’d like a headband or would like to make either a monetary or supply donation, you can reach out to Courtney Beaman directly at courtneybeaman24@gmail.com.

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