Mail delivery issues? You’re not the only one; Many in Rocky Mount concerned about slow deliveries


ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCT) — If you’ve been experiencing mail delivery issues, you’re not the only one.  

Several residents in a Rocky Mount neighborhood are complaining about slower than usual postal service deliveries. One resident told 9OYS she put a letter in her mailbox over a week ago. She said the red flag is still up and the letter is still inside. But, apparently, she’s not the only resident who’s going through this. 

“This has been something that’s continually going on the week before that, you know, we didn’t get mail for two, three days. And we were trying to figure it out,” said Rocky Mounty resident Pamela Copeland. 

She said she went to the post office and there were about 15-20 people in line. She said the postal worker told her that was because “nobody’s working.”   

“You got to think how many people that you know, pass because of [COVID-19] and everything, you know, they had jobs, and nobody’s fulfilling their jobs,” said Copeland.  

An NC State professor from the Department of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship said the post office isn’t the only industry experiencing some kind of labor shortage. There are a lot of reasons behind this shortage, but the biggest one is the pandemic. 

“The incentives to go to work, and the employee value proposition has totally changed,” said Dr. Paul Mulvey. “So do I want to be exposed to a virus when I have people at home that may still be vulnerable yet with the number of breakthrough cases?” 

He adds one reason why the post office might be getting hit so hard.  

“For many positions at the post office, you have to be there to deliver the mail and sort the mail. So, a lot of those positions are going to be, you know, exposing yourself to coworkers as well as the public,” Mulvey said.

Another resident adds:

We live in the Baywood subdivision in Rocky Mount, which is common to have no one deliver mail for several weekdays at a time. My husband has driven to the main post office and had to request our mail on at least 10 occasions. At the beginning of the year, we were told that our route was the final route so many times our mail didn’t get dropped off. But it kept occurring and it has still been an issue. My husband has spoken to the postmaster who has been kind, and who has often picked up our route so that we can receive our mail. The last information we received was that we do not have a mail carrier for our route and that was causing the issue. I would like to add that we received our mail several times last week.

Brooke Sparks, Resident of Rocky Mount

9OYS reached out to the post office in Rocky Mount for comment and were unable to speak to anyone.  

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